Blackstone Reports First Quarter 2016 Results

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Market Commentary
  • China’s Slowing; So What?

    By this time there is not a business person in the western world who doesn’t know that the Chinese economy is not moving ahead at the torrid pace of five years ago.


  • Laundromate Wins Blackstone LaunchPad Campus Challenge

    This spring Blackstone LaunchPad, an entrepreneurship program run by the Blackstone Charitable Foundation offering coaching, ideation and venture creation support on college campuses, challenged its network of 500,000 students to use entrepreneurship to identify and solve problems on their campus. Through Blackstone LaunchPad’s Solve a Campus Challenge, students from across the 17 partner institutions submitted over 140 videos. Each video was a 1-minute pitch to define and propose a solution a problem they face on campus. The solutions presented solved for common problems on college campuses including parking, laundry, access to food, building community, and campus safety.