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Portfolio Operations Group
Portfolio Operations
$78 billion

aggregate revenues of portfolio companies
More than

total employees at portfolio companies

Our Portfolio Operations Group was created to provide hands-on support to help our portfolio companies become more productive, efficient and valuable. Group members are experienced, successful business leaders and consultants who partner with portfolio company managements to drive stronger performance.

The Group focuses on performance improvement even before a company is added to the portfolio, working with deal teams to identify opportunities during due diligence. Once a company joins the portfolio, we help management craft a full-potential plan, as well as longer term strategies, and assist them in putting ideas into practice. We stress quantifiable goals and performance measurement to make sure the desired improvements are being achieved.

Our efforts to drive stronger performance focus on six key areas: revenue realization, operations, services and infrastructure, purchasing and cross-selling, leadership development and healthcare. Our experience has been that focusing on these areas can drive meaningful increases in the growth, efficiency and profitability of our portfolio companies.

All numbers are as of December 31, 2015.

Blackstone Group Purchasing Program – Leveraging Purchasing Power

CoreTrust is a joint procurement program available to all of our portfolio companies, harnessing their combined purchasing power for greater cost-efficiency.

Equity Healthcare LLC – Affordable Quality Healthcare Solutions

Equity Healthcare is a proprietary healthcare purchasing group helping portfolio companies deliver higher quality, more cost-effective care to employees and their families.

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