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Sep 2013 €406mm Quokka Advised BGP Investment on the refinancing of the Quokka CMBS through the issue of the 5-year €406m Monnet Finance CMBS
Jul 2011 €400mm Tus Holdings Advised Tus Holdings on its financial restructuring with all 23 lenders with approximately €400 million of liabilities restructured
Mar 2008 €400mm Nybron Advised the Senior Lenders on Nybron's €400 million restructuring
Jan 2011 €400mm Cinven Advised Cinven on the consensual restructuring of Jost with lenders
Pending €4.8bn IVG Immobilien Advising on the restructuring of the Company
Mar 2009 €4.7bn Parex Banka Advised Parex Banka, Latvia’s largest domestic bank, on its restructuring, including a review of strategic options, “Good Bank / Bad Bank” structuring, and securing ongoing financing
Dec 2012 €4.3bn Deutsche Annington Advised the Company on the restructuring of its GRAND (German Residential Asset Note Distributor) securitisation, the largest corporate European CMBS issuance as of the transaction date
Mar 2009 €316mm Bite Advised Bite on the restructuring of €316 million of debt, including a successful pre-negotiated tender offer
Mar 2012 €206bn Hellenic Republic (Greece) Acted as financial advisor to the Steering Committee of the Private Creditor-Investor Committee for Greece (PCIC) on the debt exchange of €206 billion of PSI-eligible bonds, the largest sovereign restructuring in history
Mar 2012 €206bn Greece Blackstone acted as exclusive financial advisor to the Steering Committee of the Private Creditor-Investor Committee on Greece's sovereign debt exchange - the largest sovereign debt exchange in history.
May 2010 €2.0bn The Ad Hoc Committee of Corral Petroleum Holdings AB Noteholders Corral is the holding company of Preem, Sweden’s largest oil refining and marketing business. Blackstone advised the ad hoc committee of noteholders on the terms of a restructuring
Dec 2010 €1bn Senior Lenders Steering Committee of Carl Zeiss Vision Holding GmbH Advised the senior lenders steering committee comprising Avoca Capital, Commerzbank, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Lloyds Banking Group and M&G on the restructuring of Carl Zeiss Vision
Jul 2008 €150mm CFS Fairness opinion provider to the Company and sponsor on their restructuring
Dec 2009 €140mm Schoeller Arca Systems Advising the Steering Committee of Senior Lenders to Schoeller Arca Systems in a restructuring of the company's debt involving a Dutch Court process
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